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The Only Bilingual Day Centre in Montréal for those Living with Multiple Disabilities

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Code of Conduct
Action Centre provides a unique and essential service ~ a place where members can have communal interaction in a safe environment on a daily basis. Where they can benefit from a multi-dimensional approach to health and instructional education, social integration and recreation, and most importantly ~ a place they can afford.

We provide this structured environment and our members flourish as a result.

Action Centre Code of Conduct:

  1. Payment of the required fee in order to be a member in good standing.

  2. Respect for all staff and other members is mandatory. Abusive, offensive or insulting language is prohibited.

  3. Respect for the privacy and property of everyone at the Centre.

  4. Keep Action Centre clean and tidy.

  5. Action Centre is not responsible for any lost or stolen objects.

  6. Members must dress appropriately and maintain basic hygiene.

  7. Strictly forbidden to smoke inside Centre. Outside Centre, cigarette butts must be put in designated container.

  8. Permission must be obtained in advance if a member needs to be accompanied.

  9. It is strictly forbidden to use the Centre’s computers to view pornographic web sites.

  10. Telephone may be used occasionally. Long distance calls and directory assistance are prohibited.

  11. Failure to respect any of the above rules will result in the following sanctions :
    1. One (1) verbal notice
    2. One (1) written notice
    3. A decision by the Centre’s Board of Directors to suspend or expel member.
Coming soon - Members Manual being revised for 2011

Contact Ilham Bouzouma, Manager, Member Services
Phone: (514) 363-6868 x 229

For information on becoming a member, see New Member section.
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