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The Only Bilingual Day Centre in Montréal for those Living with Multiple Disabilities

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Newsletter: ActionReaction
One of the key themes at Action Centre is RESILIENCE
We have a very dedicated and proud membership – working hard, developing new skills,
learning to live more independently and seeking new avenues of creativity.
Each Tuesday, during the weekly writing classes,  the members develop self-expression and communication skills - exploring their dreams, passions, histories and interests. When you have physical limitations that restrict verbal communications, writing can often make the impossible possible.
As an outlet of creativity and literary forms, our members have collected their stories, poems, songs and articles in the latest edition of ActionReaction Spring 2011.

Their stories and personalities will inspire our lives.
Be advised that ActionReaction can be printed
However – it is LARGE FORMAT – 11.5 x 17

Volume 4, WINTER-SPRING 2014 (700 Kb)

Les histoires comiques d'Yvette, Un dessin vaut mille mots: par Yvette Maheux
A sporting event called Bowling: By Cody Hiscock
Mon amoureux est un comédien : par Jocelyne Hamel
Spring cleaning came early for the Action Center: by Jefferey Boman
La sculpture sur fruits: Par Angelina Sazeirat
L’histoire d'une armoire à glace par Yvette Maheux
Volcanos, by Cody Hiscock
My opinion about transportation: by Jennifer Leisk
Bonne Boîte Bonne Bouffe: par Rébecca Paré
La fois où j’ai fabriqué mon propre cadeau: par Yvette Maheux
Le bruit me fait fermer les yeux: par Yvette Maheux
Accepting change: by Jeffrey Allan Boman
Mon nouveau camp de vacances: par Yves Beaudry
Omegle social website : By Cody Hiscock
La première fois ou j’ai pêché : par Yvette Maheux
Le scrapbooking : par Jocelyne Hamel
Anxiety attack, by Jennifer Leisk
Le shampoing préféré de mon mari : par Yvette Maheux
Le défi sportif: par Rébecca Paré

Volume 3, Issue 1 - October 2011 (19.7 Mb)

When the art of writing becomes joy
A caring business woman
Happiness is for all
4 photos among thousand… I have always had an interest in photography.
2002-2011: The Celina Years
I hate Drawing
Volume 2, Issue 1 - Spring 2009 (0.6 Mb)

Poème d’amour pour la Saint Valentin, pour vous tous les amoureux
The Secret Room
Multiple Sclerosis
The new Registered Disability Savings Plan RDSP
Did You Know? (Accessible Parking)
Volume 1 - Fall 2007 (0.7 Mb)

The Centre – a poem by Denise Landry
Fundraising Soirée a Grand Success!
The “Chair Aware” Challenge
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