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Activities & Programs

From Monday to Friday, members of the Action Centre participate in group activities that foster a sense of belonging, self-esteem, and increased autonomy. Courses are available at the Centre and online. Registration can be done in person at the Centre, or by phone. Online registration is in development. Course and activity fees are indicated below.

Our holistic approach to programming is based on a four-pillar philosophy designed to stimulate the body and the mind.

What Action centre offers

Our curriculum equips members with valuable and practical life skills. From language studies and conversational skills to computer and online training, there is something to stimulate and engage every person, at every level.

Wellness starts from the inside out. Activities are designed to improve confidence and understanding through participation and peer association while developing healthy lifestyle choices through exercise, meditation, and nutritional education.

Creative activities such as drawing, painting, , jewelry making, and writing promote communication and self-expression while encouraging physical dexterity. 

We are proud to have created a safe zone for our members to open up, grow and be themselves. In addition to facilitating long-lasting friendships at the Centre, we aim to increase self-confidence and independence by empowering our members to actively participate and take greater responsibility within their communities.

In order to benefit from our wide range of activities, you must be an Action Centre member. Our teachers are from the adult education departments of EMSB and the Montreal School Board. We also have guest lecturers for some workshops.

Course Descriptions

Click below to see the course descriptions. 

Membership and Course Fees

In order to benefit from our wide range of activities, you must be an adult between twenty-one and sixty-five years old living with a physical impairment (motor and sensory deficits). You must also become a member of the Action Centre.


per year

Course fees

Courses are free but there are fees for some activities.

Outings and Special Events

Outings, events, fundraisers–there’s always something good going on at the Action Centre! Here’s what we’re up to.