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The Only Bilingual Day Centre in Montréal for those Living with Multiple Disabilities

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Day in the Life
Action Centre is unique - providing a rich blend of educational and social stimulation – to assist our members in living more balanced, fuller lives. We focus on a strong ethic towards good health and well-being. We promote self confidence, self-awareness and independence,
and do this through our vast menu of social activities, instructional courses, partner programmes and health initiatives.

Our Four Key Member Programme Structures are:

Our programmes are monitored constantly for quality and relevance, and they evolve regularly to meet the needs of our members.
We offer services currently unavailable elsewhere in the community, and have been instrumental in
assisting adults with disabilities regain their independence and transform their vision of the future.

Action Centre provides a rich curriculum of Pedagogical activities and courses. We combine ‘real world’ instruction like computer training, French lessons and personal development, along with physical fitness, social and recreational activities. There is something to stimulate and engage every person, at every level.

Classes are provided in French, English, or bilingual.

Being mentally and physically active at Action Centre provides our members with a better state of mind, as well as tools to cope in the ‘real world’. This helps with re-integration into the work force, while being physically stronger to tackle daily tasks with greater ease.

  • Advanced Computer Skills
  • French Lessons
  • Personal Development
  • Internet and Web Courses
  • Geography, News and Current Events

Many of our members, disabled and with chronic health conditions have often been marginalized – socially and emotionally - frequently leading to depression. Through participation and peer association, we work to turn that around completely. We offer daily classes that stimulate fluid movement and overall coordination.

A positive attitude is only the beginning. This is a key factor to any Wellness Program:

Action Centre works along a very broad spectrum, covering the dozens of diseases and disabilities affecting our membership. Below are some of the extras we offer: .

  • Nutritious Cooking and Safety Classes
  • Mental and Emotional Health Programmes
  • Music Appreciation
  • Exercise and Fitness
  • Meditation

Our classes take into consideration each person’s level of difficulty (both cognitive and physical), and because they are small, can devote individual attention to each one of our members.

Art, creativity, writing and painting are just a few of the opportunities our members have for improved self expression, increased communication and enhance dexterity.

Many of these successful member projects are on display in the regular editions of our newsletter ActionReaction

We are proud to have created a safe zone for our members to open up, grow and be themselves. Although we are a place to socialize and create long lasting friendships, learn new skills and have fun, we aim equally to increase individual engagement by empowering members to actively participate and take greater responsibility for their lives – both inside and outside the Centre.

We work closely with our Community Outreach Network to re-connect our membership back into their communities. Several of our members currently work and volunteer outside the Centre.
A small selection is listed below:

YMCA Daycare
CEGEP John Abbot Mailroom
McKay Centre
LaSalle Community Relations
High School Diploma Completion

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