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The Only Bilingual Day Centre in Montréal for those Living with Multiple Disabilities

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Centre Action Centre
2214 Dollard Avenue, LaSalle, QC H8N 1S6
Phone: (514) 366-6868   Fax: (514) 367-0880

Action Centre is located at 2214 Dollard Avenue (corner Newman Boulevard) in LaSalle, QC, and can be easily reached by STM adapted transit and by metro and bus.
 Senior Manager, Action Centre Ilham Bouzouma x229 ilham@centreaction.org
 Associate Director,
 Action Centre Foundation
Trish Gardham x224 trish@centreaction.org
 Assistant Manager Amine Rachi x222 amine@centreaction.org
 Organizer, Member Events Maria Mustillo x227 maria@centreaction.org

Close to all public services (banks, stores, supermarkets, CLSC, medical clinics, parks, public library, shopping centres, police station, etc.).

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