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The Only Bilingual Day Centre in Montréal for those Living with Multiple Disabilities

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Chair Aware ChallengeTM
Chair Aware ChallengeTM Fundraising Events

Created and trademarked by the Action Centre, the CHAIR AWARE CHALLENGETM is the umbrella Fundraising strategy that helps the Action Centre raise awareness throughout the year for those living in wheelchairs. We highlight the challenges and struggles they face daily, while celebrating the accomplishments and self-sufficiency each manage each and every day.

As with most charities, our lifeline and long term viability is directly connected to our ability to raise funds and secure grants, donations and legacy giving.

We continue to succeed in this area, by maintaining strong links with our key Strategic Alliances, and in bringing greater awareness of the Action Centre to all levels of government and institutions such as the MUHC.

We are in regular communication with a growing pool of potential donors, and strive to grow and expand our reach and influence among the many Anglophone and Francophone communities across the city. We are continuously building on a dynamic marketing program, with an integrated social media strategy that targets new groups of supporters, donors and friends of the Action Centre.

2016 7th President's Cup "Basket" Ball

In Spring, we hold the President's Cup Wheelchair "Basket" Ball.

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