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The Only Bilingual Day Centre in Montréal for those Living with Multiple Disabilities

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Mission - Vision
Action Centre believes in Living Life Without Limits - and that every physically disabled person
deserves an opportunity to grow within an environment of respect, support, encouragement and safety.
To increase our members’ independence, personal growth and good health by assisting them in active learning ~ through educational, social and recreational opportunities in a safe environment, that promotes peer support, trust and acceptance.

Our vision for the future is to facilitate members to re-integrate into the community, to give back to the community to the best of their ability; to create public awareness of the needs of the physically challenged, and become role models for other people with disabilities and for groups across Canada and throughout the world.

To enhance our member’s self-esteem; improve our member’s quality of life, autonomy, with mutual assistance; to enrich their lives through fulfilling activities and education; and to ensure their involvement in the decision-making process at all levels of governance of the Action Centre.

We provide a place of hope, mental and physical stimulation, education and acceptance.
We watch as our members thrive in a milieu that promotes individual escalation,
self confidence, independence and well-being.
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